Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Work, then Fun!

Hi! How are you? I'm well. On Sunday I worked 7 hours. I got off at 2:45am. It was my first closing shift. It was good though because I got the easy position for closing lol. All I had to do was stand at the dispatch console and wait for the tower person to tell me when to pull the trains to storage. To pull trains to storage, all I have to do is press a button lol. I love pressing buttons lol! On Monday, I had to work 10 hours. It was a pretty long shift, but it went by pretty smoothly. Working is getting to be pretty much routine now. I know all the positions well now, and even grouper is slowly getting better. Its a lot of fun to work with all different kinds of cultures. You really learn a lot! There is one girl that I work with named Licia who is from Italy. I was talking to her about italian food, because I love me some Italian food lol, and she was telling me that here in America, most of the food that is claimed to be Italian food is not really Italian food. She said that pepperoni pizza in Italy doesn't have meat on it. Pepperoni pizza is more like a bell pepper pizza. When they put meat on their pizza, they call it salami pizza. And also, she said that the lasanga here and true lasanga is very different. I wanna find some true Italian lasanga!

Yesterday my was day off. I went to Animal Kingdom with Nikki. I don't know how she did it, because I promised myself I wouldn't go in that show ever again, but somehow she dragged me into It's A Bug's Life! That show is scary! lol. There's this one part where these wasps attack and they sting you! And then there's the part with the roaches and beetles...EwWwWwW! I hate bugs. Then we went to ride Expedition Everest YAY! The standby line was 50 minutes, and the Fastpasses were all gone, so we went in the single rider line. Thank God for single rider lines!!! We rode it twice. I freakin love Everest! Its pretty much the most amazing thing ever lol. That Yeti man! He's pretty scary! After that, we went to get something to eat. We went into this beautifully air conditioned restaraunt lol, and got a little snack. Nikki had chicken strips and I had fries. After we ate, we had all these condiments lying around lol, and it made me think about something that my sister Diamond always used to do. Sooooo I decided to try it! Haha. I mixed together ketchup, salt, sweet tea, barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and dijon mustard. Then I dipped a french fry in it and ate it. Well, actually, attempted to eat it lol because I couldn't really get it down lol. Yup. I'll never do THAT again! So after we were done eating...or, whatever we were doing lol, we went to ride Dinosaur. Omigosh. While we were standing in line, we noticed that the guy in front of us was probably so excited to be in Disney and wanted to maximize the time he had in the parks, so he decided to skip a few showers....WOW our noses were CRYING lol!!! And we stuck behind him for the whole 40 minutes we stood in line! Yeah. But besides that, Dinosaur was awesome. Next, we rode Primeval Whirl. I had never been on it before. It was ok. Really short though. Oh! Then we played these little carnival games! Nikki played the little roller ball game and won a purple Iguana and named him Iggy Star-Pop! lol. I played the basketball game and won a super cute bear in a baby blue basketball uniform! I was so excited lol. I named him Dwight! Hahaaha. After that we went on Kilimanjaro Safari. That was really cool! We got a decent sighting of some animals, but we really didn't get to see a whole lot. We saw different kinds of antelope, elephants, rhinos, hippos, flamingos, and a bunch of birds. The tour guide said that there were some cheetahs and lions, but I didn't see any. But it was still really nice. After the safari, the park was closing, so we decided to go over to Magic Kingdom. As we were heading over there on the bus, one of thise famous Florida storms came in. It was lightning like crazy and really really heavy rain. We we got to MK, we got drenched trying to run into the nearest gift shop lol. We found this really neat little theatre room that plays old Mickey Mouse cartoons. It was so cute and perfect for waiting out bad weather. After the storm had died down enough, we headed over to Fantasyland and got on the Winnie the Pood ride. Well that broke down, so we we to ride Snow White instead. Then It's A Small World.....yeah. No comment lol. Then we went back to Winnie the Pooh lol. It was so cute! Next we headed over to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz Lighyear. The rain had scared everyone off, so the lines were pretty much non existent. We got to ride twice, they just let us stay on lol. I was so mad though because I was winning both times until the very last second when she pulled ahead and won! Can you say, Cheater? lol. Anyway, after that we went on Carousel of Progress. Another ride that I had never been on before. It was pretty interesting though. It was funny in a cheezy kind of way. lol. After that, we went to our homeland, Frontierland! I finally rode Big Thunder at night. It was awesome. It was so funny seeing all my co-workers as I walked in. Everyone had to do a double take lol. They're like, "Howdy Fol....Michelle?" lol!! It was great. Then we rode...SPALSH MOUNTAIN!!!! YAY! It never gets old lol. We got SOAKED though lol. Ah. Perfect way to end a beautiful day at Disney! I'm off again today. Going to some more parks! Wooooo!!!

Love, Michelle


  1. Great post as usual! Pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni? Huh. And come on, you know your favorite ride was It's a Small World! Admit it!! Love You!

  2. When are you gonna write a new post about your trip? cmon lol