Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Days Off Pt. 1

I had my first day off class today. I was almost really really late though lol. I forgot to take my phone off of silent before I fell asleep, so my alarm didn't go off in the morning! Thank God Nicole came in and woke me up lol. I only had 10 minutes to get ready though. Its a really, really good thing that the class is in a building right next door to my apartment lol. Class was good. My teacher is really nice, but very crazy. In a good way though lol. She's been with the company for 29 years, so she has lots and lots of experience and valuable information to share. I'm excited about the class. It should be really good. One of the things we had to do today was to draw a picture of what our childhood dream was. I remembered that when I was little and my mom was working for US Air, I wanted to be a flight attendant lol. So I tried - key word, TRIED - to draw an airplane with the passengers inside and me as a flight attendant giving the pre-flight instrusctions lol. It was a special picture lol. After class, I went with Nikki to the post office so she could mail a package to her friend back h0me. After that, we were going to go to International Drive to explore the different shops and little attractions in the area, but we ended up not going. We went to Disney's Boardwalk instead. It was really cool. There was a magician who was really good. He put on a good show. Then we bought corn dogs....Oh my goodnesssss YUM lol. Pretty much the best corn dog I ever had ever lol! Next we went to check out what else was at the Boardwalk. We went down to the left end of the boardwalk and found these two really neat looking clubs and decided to take a peek inside. The first one was very creatively named "Dance Floor" lol. We went inside and it was practically deserted lol. There were only a few couples in there, all of them in their late 40s/early 50s lol. We quickly left. Across the way, there was a club that was misleandingly named "Jellyroll". I was thinking, Hmm...donuts! lol. No donuts. But it was still pretty cool because it was like a piano dueling show. It was pretty neat. There was, however, a $10 cover charge to get in....I was about to turn right around but then added that cast memebers get in free, so I was like well in that case....lol! The best thing about that place is that they give out free popcorn! Yum! But yeah. It was funny. After the piano place got boring (about 15 minutes lol) we headed home. It was pretty fun though. I want to go back again another day because there was a whole bunch of other stuff on the other side of the boardwalk that we didn't see yet. Well, I have my second day off tomorrow. I'm probably gonna go to Animal Kingdom. Wooo Hooo!!!

Love, Michelle

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