Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Days Off Pt. 2

Well, the second of my beloved days off sadly have come to an end. Now its back to work bright and early tomorrow morning and for the next 5 days straight. Today I went to see Up. It was a really good movie. Its pretty funny though, because I never cry on movies, but this one part in the movie...I just couldn't help it lol. But yeah, it was a really funny movie too. Disney has done it again! lol. After the movie I went back home to eat lunch, and then I was gonna go to Animal Kingdom by myself. But just as I was getting ready to leave, Michelle came home and asked me if I wanted to go to Hollywood Studios with her and her friends. Even though I've already been to Hollywood Studios like 10 time since I've been here, I couldn't resist lol. It was funny though, because all of her friends speak spanish, so there were a lot of conversations that I completely missed out on lol. But they were all very nice and they included me in their conversations as best they could by trying to explain to me in English what was being said. They were even helping me to learn some spanish phrases. We didn't get to do a whole lot at the park because we didn't get there until about 6:00 and the park closed at 9:00. First we rode Rock N' Roller Coaster which was awesome as always. Then we went over to the Journey into Narnia attraction. I had never been in there before, so I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be pretty cool....yeah, no. lol. It was pretty boring. Next we went to watch The Little Mermaid show. That was really cute, but waaaaaaayyy too short lol. They tried to condense the movie so much that it turned out being kinda confusing. Lol, although it would probably help if I'd actually seen the movie before! Anyway, we saved the best for last - Tower of Terror! ALWAYS a blast! Oh, and I saw that one guy who's like the poster boy for Tower of Terror. His name is TJ and I see him working every trip I take to Disney. He plays his role so well! But yeah. Not much else to report. Fun day! But the fun is over now lol. Thanks for reading!

Love, Michelle

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  1. Hey, Sweety! Great writing as always. I miss you so much! Make sure to continue in prayer and study! Stay focused!