Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ears Have Been Earned!

Well, I did end up going to EPCOT! I went with Renise. It was a lot of fun. Renise had never been to EPCOT before, and she mainly just wanted to see what it was like as well as visit World Showcase. First we went into Innoventions East, and we found the greatest thing ever! There's this setup where you can actually be in a video game and play as yourself! You record yourself running in place, jumping, and doing your victory dance lol. Then it transfers you into this computer game, and you get to play as yourself! Its TOO funny. We could barely play our game because we laughing so hard lol. It was great because we even got to email ourselves a link to the game so we could play it at home and send it to friends and family. TOO funny lol. So after that, she wanted to go check out Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. Now, as we were walking in, I remembered that Renise has a snake phobia. There's a part in the show where the audience is shrunk and there's a loose python that attacks the audience. The show is also in 3D, and I figured that could be pretty traumatizing for her, so I did the nice thing and told her about it in advance lol. I did however, leave out a few other details including the part where the mice get loose and run into the audience while the room is pitch black and you can feel the mice scuttle across the floor and brush up against your legs (actually puffs of air) lol. Pretty evil, right? MWUAHHAHHAAA!!! Anyways...after that, we headed on over to World Showcase and circled through the countries. We stopped in some gift shops and upon reading the incredibly insane price tags, we quickly made our exit lol. We didn't stay at EPCOT long, but it was fun regardless. I'm actually probably gonna go back tomorrow and hit some of them thrill rides WOOT! lol.

Yesterday was my last day of training. We spent the day getting more practice in each of the positions. At one point in the day, a bee infestation was dicovered in the upstairs queue area, so we had to re-route the guests so that they wouldn't be by the bees. That was fun. NOT! On a normal day, there's only one merge point where the fastpass line is merged in with the standby. But on this day, we had to have three different merge points in order to keep the line flowing correctly. It was pretty crazy. Today was my assesment. I was tested on everything I had learned during my week of training. I was really nervous lol. It was a two part assesment. The first part was a written examination that was 114 questions long. It took me 2 hours to complete it lol. I did pretty well though, I only got about 15 questions wrong. After the written part, I had to actually work in each position with my trainer right there with me watch me, making sure I do things right. I was so nervous, but I did pretty well. The positions really just take practice, and the more experience you get working in each position, the easier it will become. Right now, I have to be a bit more technical than those that have been here for a while, but as I get more and more comfortable with what I'm doing, I'll be able to loosen up more. I'm looking forward to the job. There's definitely never a dull moment! Its super fast paced, but I like that. So after I had rotated through all the positions, I was done! My trainer told me that I had passed, and I have officially earned my ears! YAY!!!!! YAY ME! lol. After I checked out of training, I still had about and hour and half left before I got off, so I went into rotation. This was it; first time on my own! Whoop whoop! lol. My first assignment was Grouper. Great. My first time on my own and I had to get the position that I least like. Wonderful lol. Grouper can be quite a doozy! The good thing is, you only stay in one position for about 30-45 minutes, and then someone comes to bump you out and you go to a new position. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was when they came to bump me out! Lord JESUS! lol. My next position was Unload. Unload is probably my favorite position so far. Not a lot of craziness, just a lot of button pushing. YAY BUTTONS! lol. At Unload, you are responsible for checking the guests' lap bars in the last 3 cars of the train. Then you go to the station console and press the dispatch button which makes the train go. Funness! I was only at Unload for about 15 minutes before the next person came to bump me out. I was confused at first until I realized it was time for me to clock out (already!). Well, at least I know the time will go fast! So tomorrow I get a day off, then its back to work for 5 days in a row! On Thursday I have a 10 hour shift! Oh Boy....lol. Well, I'm SUPER sleepy lol. I was knocked out on the bus home today lol. I woke up and this girl was like staring at me...I'm like, um, wow. Embarassing lol. I will let you know how EPCOT goes tomorrow! Love ya!

Love, Michelle

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