Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Flu Bug Bites :(

My last few days at work have been pretty awful. I came down with the flu a few days ago and it has really thrown me for a loop. My whole body aches from head to toe, my throat is scratchy and sore, my nose is runny, my ears keep clogging up, and my head is pounding. Its pretty terrible, especially having to work through it for 11 hours one day, 8 hours the next, 8 hours today, and 7 hours tomorrow. I don't know how I did it, especially the 11 hour day and the first 8 hour day when the flu was at its worst. Yesterday I took some day-quil and some aleve and that helped a little bit for a while, but it wore off and I felt awful again. One of my managers saw me and could tell that I was not feeling well, so he told me that he would talk to the scheduling manager to see if they could let me go home early. The scheduling manager said that they were boarderline as far as having enough people to work that day, but if I really needed to go home, then I could go. I told them that I would stick it out as long as I could. By that time I only had about 3 more hours to go, so I decided to just stay. By the time my shift was over, I was absolutely exhusted. I was so happy that I would be able to sleep in as late as I wanted today because today I don't go in until 6:45. But I work until 3:30. That should be fun. Not! lol. When I got home I found out that my roommate Michelle also has the flu, and that most of her friends have it as well. So I guess its just going around. I am feeling just slighty better today, but I'll probably take some more day-quil and aleve before I leave for work again. It seemed to take the edge off a little bit. I'm truly looking forward to my two days off this week!!! I need the rest badly. I had to work 7 days in a row. I was originally only scheduled to work 6 days in a row which is still more than usual, but I picked up a shift on Monday for my co-worker Michelle. She really needed to trade shifts with someone and she was the one that traded shifts with me so that I could go to my dad's ordination, so I had no problem helping her out. So now instead of being off Monday and Tuesday, I'll be off on Tuesday and Wednesday. So yeah. Well, I will let you all know how work goes today! Thanks for reading!

Love, Michelle

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Hi! Yesterday Nikki and I went to Disney Quest. It was so much fun! First we rode the Buzz Lightyear bumper car/dodgeball thingy lol. Then we played this virtual reality shooting game thingy that was pretty boring lol. Next we went on Virtual Jungle Cruise. That was really fun. You have to sit in these inflatable rafts and row yourself down a river its awesome. After that we did the Pirates of the Caribbean game. That was way too awesome lol. Its a 3D game/simulator where you stand on this boat and shoot cannons at other boats to collect their booty. Its so much fun. After Pirates, we went to Cyber Space Mountain. That's the place where you get tp design and ride your own virtual coaster. We made our coaster as scary as possible lol, and then we aptly named it - The Jolly Express. LOL what a great name. The Jolly Express was awesome. We also of course played a numerous amount of video games both old skool and new skool, including, but not limited to: Skee-Ball, Pacman, Frogger, Skee-Ball, Mario Bros., Virtual Tennis, Flaming Finger, Skee-Ball, some random motorbike racing game lol, and oh yeah, did I mention Skee-Ball? lol. I mean, come on. FREE, UNLIMITED Skee-Ball??? Just just sheer awsome. lol! OMIGOSH...then we found the most glorious floor in the entire building. Guitar. Hero. I didn't even know they had Guitar Hero there!!! I was flippin out lol! We played for like an hour lol it was awesome. But yeah. They also had Dance Dance Revolution, but I suck at that so I just played more Guitar Hero lol. So yeah it was a really fun night at Disney Quest. I'll be going back soon.

Today I worked from 11:15 to 9:00. It was a pretty uneventful day until about an hour before it was time to leave. I was at Fastpass Distrobution and I noticed there were some dark clouds coming in. One of my managers came out and told me that we were down for weather. So yeah, no big deal. But the clouds kept getting darker and darker and I kept getting scareder and scareder lol. I already didn't want to be outside, and then my manager comes back outside to tell me something that almost made me pee my Frontierland shorts lol. He goes, I just wanted to let you know that there's a tornado warning in the area so if you hear us power down then I need you to let all the guests in the area know to take shelter inside the Briar Patch gift shop and then come on back to Big Thunder, but if its storming too bad just stay where you are ok? Then he left! I was like.....WHAT?!! Oh, uh uh. Lol I was SO scared. I saw my coordinator Marylin walk by and I was like, uuummmm...Marilyn? I get off in like 30 minutes, can I go home now? lol. She told me she would go check to see if we had enough people working and she would get right back to me. Man she was only gone for like 10 mins, but it seemed like an hour! I just wanted to get away from all that lightning! lol! She finally came back and was like, ok Michelle you're clear to go home now! I was like THANK YA JESUS! lol! Man I clocked out so fast and was gone! Woooo.....But yeah. Thankfully there was no tornado and the weather really didn't get too bad. I made it home safely, of course. Lol what a night. I'm so crazy!

Love, Michelle

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back In Full Swing!

Wow. That's all I can say lol! Its been WAY too long since my last post, I know. I apologize, I will do better I promise! Hmmm...let's seeeee lol where to begin? I will try to start as far back as I can remember lol. The last thing I can remember doing besides working is I went to Atlanta to see my dad's Ordination! It was fabulous! I got to see my family and my church family. The Ordination was great! I'm so proud of my dad! Oh! And I got to see my family's little kitten Tiki for the first time! She is so tiny! She's much smaller than I expected her to be! But she's just SO adorable! AWWW!! And Fergie!!! I missed her so much! And she remembered me! I was so happy and I miss her so much already! AWWW Fergie! lol. Anyway, I made it back home to Orlando safely - obviously lol. And yeah. Now I'm back in full swing! I've been working crazy hours at the Tragic - excuse me - MAGIC Kingdom. lol. Man oh man. I've been tired, but the paychecks are pretty nice lol. Um, I can't really remember too many details about what I've been doing for fun in the past few weeks, but I've been going to the parks of course, and just trying to relax and rest when I get the chance. Oh, I did go to the France pavillion with Nikki last week and we got some desserts. She had the Creme Broule' (if I'm spelling that right lol) and I had the Napoleon. They were both absolutely delicious. I love France! lol.

Well I know that really wasn't much of an update, but the posts from now on will be much better. Today is my day off. I'm off tomorrow too and I'm getting my hair done! Finally! lol. Today I had some me time. I went to Downtown Disney and ate at this restaraunt Renise has been telling me to try. OMG, that place is amazing. It's called Earl of Sandwhich and they have all kinds of hot subs. They're delectable lol. That place is my new best friend. I will definitely be visiting them often. After my yummy lunch, I went to the movies and saw My Sister's Keeper. Whoa buddy that movie is a tear-jerker if I've ever seen one! I was sitting there crying like a little baby! Lol, I was balling. It was awful. Such a great movie though. So after the movie, I went window shopping at the stores. All was fine and dandy...until....I wandered into the World of Disney Store. Omg, talk about a Disney lover's paradise! lol. That place is super dangerous when you have money you're not supposed to be spending lol! They have a whole entire section of the store filled entirely with Disney character plush dolls! Oh the Mickeys! lol. I'm so going to buy day lol. Considering the cost $30+, that day will be one far from now lol. I did, however, break down and buy my first trading pin - a Mickey Mouse pin of course - as well as the Wishes CD. Wishes is the nightly fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom which I get to see every night I'm working and which I look forward to every day lol. That's definitely one of the best parts of my job is getting see Wishes every night, or at least getting to hear the music if I'm not working an outside position at 10:00. Lol, its funny because I have the whole show memorized including the songs, and even the choreography of the fireworks! lol. I love it. So tomorrow I'm probably gonna go to Disney Quest with Nikki. I'm super excited! lol. Yay for unlimited Skee-Ball!! lol. I will keep you posted! Take care!