Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Hi! Yesterday Nikki and I went to Disney Quest. It was so much fun! First we rode the Buzz Lightyear bumper car/dodgeball thingy lol. Then we played this virtual reality shooting game thingy that was pretty boring lol. Next we went on Virtual Jungle Cruise. That was really fun. You have to sit in these inflatable rafts and row yourself down a river its awesome. After that we did the Pirates of the Caribbean game. That was way too awesome lol. Its a 3D game/simulator where you stand on this boat and shoot cannons at other boats to collect their booty. Its so much fun. After Pirates, we went to Cyber Space Mountain. That's the place where you get tp design and ride your own virtual coaster. We made our coaster as scary as possible lol, and then we aptly named it - The Jolly Express. LOL what a great name. The Jolly Express was awesome. We also of course played a numerous amount of video games both old skool and new skool, including, but not limited to: Skee-Ball, Pacman, Frogger, Skee-Ball, Mario Bros., Virtual Tennis, Flaming Finger, Skee-Ball, some random motorbike racing game lol, and oh yeah, did I mention Skee-Ball? lol. I mean, come on. FREE, UNLIMITED Skee-Ball??? Just just sheer awsome. lol! OMIGOSH...then we found the most glorious floor in the entire building. Guitar. Hero. I didn't even know they had Guitar Hero there!!! I was flippin out lol! We played for like an hour lol it was awesome. But yeah. They also had Dance Dance Revolution, but I suck at that so I just played more Guitar Hero lol. So yeah it was a really fun night at Disney Quest. I'll be going back soon.

Today I worked from 11:15 to 9:00. It was a pretty uneventful day until about an hour before it was time to leave. I was at Fastpass Distrobution and I noticed there were some dark clouds coming in. One of my managers came out and told me that we were down for weather. So yeah, no big deal. But the clouds kept getting darker and darker and I kept getting scareder and scareder lol. I already didn't want to be outside, and then my manager comes back outside to tell me something that almost made me pee my Frontierland shorts lol. He goes, I just wanted to let you know that there's a tornado warning in the area so if you hear us power down then I need you to let all the guests in the area know to take shelter inside the Briar Patch gift shop and then come on back to Big Thunder, but if its storming too bad just stay where you are ok? Then he left! I was like.....WHAT?!! Oh, uh uh. Lol I was SO scared. I saw my coordinator Marylin walk by and I was like, uuummmm...Marilyn? I get off in like 30 minutes, can I go home now? lol. She told me she would go check to see if we had enough people working and she would get right back to me. Man she was only gone for like 10 mins, but it seemed like an hour! I just wanted to get away from all that lightning! lol! She finally came back and was like, ok Michelle you're clear to go home now! I was like THANK YA JESUS! lol! Man I clocked out so fast and was gone! Woooo.....But yeah. Thankfully there was no tornado and the weather really didn't get too bad. I made it home safely, of course. Lol what a night. I'm so crazy!

Love, Michelle

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  1. Ahhhh, that was good that it did not thunder. I bet you were holding your ears???????? Disney Quest sounds like so much more fun that when I was last there....can't wait to go again, soon. Thanks for the lovely post. Miss you much and hopefully we will see you soon. Luv ya!!!