Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back In Full Swing!

Wow. That's all I can say lol! Its been WAY too long since my last post, I know. I apologize, I will do better I promise! Hmmm...let's seeeee lol where to begin? I will try to start as far back as I can remember lol. The last thing I can remember doing besides working is I went to Atlanta to see my dad's Ordination! It was fabulous! I got to see my family and my church family. The Ordination was great! I'm so proud of my dad! Oh! And I got to see my family's little kitten Tiki for the first time! She is so tiny! She's much smaller than I expected her to be! But she's just SO adorable! AWWW!! And Fergie!!! I missed her so much! And she remembered me! I was so happy and I miss her so much already! AWWW Fergie! lol. Anyway, I made it back home to Orlando safely - obviously lol. And yeah. Now I'm back in full swing! I've been working crazy hours at the Tragic - excuse me - MAGIC Kingdom. lol. Man oh man. I've been tired, but the paychecks are pretty nice lol. Um, I can't really remember too many details about what I've been doing for fun in the past few weeks, but I've been going to the parks of course, and just trying to relax and rest when I get the chance. Oh, I did go to the France pavillion with Nikki last week and we got some desserts. She had the Creme Broule' (if I'm spelling that right lol) and I had the Napoleon. They were both absolutely delicious. I love France! lol.

Well I know that really wasn't much of an update, but the posts from now on will be much better. Today is my day off. I'm off tomorrow too and I'm getting my hair done! Finally! lol. Today I had some me time. I went to Downtown Disney and ate at this restaraunt Renise has been telling me to try. OMG, that place is amazing. It's called Earl of Sandwhich and they have all kinds of hot subs. They're delectable lol. That place is my new best friend. I will definitely be visiting them often. After my yummy lunch, I went to the movies and saw My Sister's Keeper. Whoa buddy that movie is a tear-jerker if I've ever seen one! I was sitting there crying like a little baby! Lol, I was balling. It was awful. Such a great movie though. So after the movie, I went window shopping at the stores. All was fine and dandy...until....I wandered into the World of Disney Store. Omg, talk about a Disney lover's paradise! lol. That place is super dangerous when you have money you're not supposed to be spending lol! They have a whole entire section of the store filled entirely with Disney character plush dolls! Oh the Mickeys! lol. I'm so going to buy day lol. Considering the cost $30+, that day will be one far from now lol. I did, however, break down and buy my first trading pin - a Mickey Mouse pin of course - as well as the Wishes CD. Wishes is the nightly fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom which I get to see every night I'm working and which I look forward to every day lol. That's definitely one of the best parts of my job is getting see Wishes every night, or at least getting to hear the music if I'm not working an outside position at 10:00. Lol, its funny because I have the whole show memorized including the songs, and even the choreography of the fireworks! lol. I love it. So tomorrow I'm probably gonna go to Disney Quest with Nikki. I'm super excited! lol. Yay for unlimited Skee-Ball!! lol. I will keep you posted! Take care!

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  1. Michelle, what a lovely post. I am sooooo glad you finally wrote something. Believe it or not, I look forward to reading your post. I went to them everyday to see if there was a new one and all I saw was July 17...I have that date memorized:)) I am so proud of you!! Can't wait to see you again. I can't believe you cried on a must be one great movie because you never cry:)) Luv ya and please take a picture when you get your hair done...hope all goes well.