Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Shirts Everywhere!

I worked my first full day on Friday. It was a 10 hour shift and man was it LONG! It was good though. I got a lot of practice in each of the positions. My favorite position is Fastpass Distabution, and my least favorite is DEFINITELY Grouper. Grouper is so awful because you have to assign people the rows that they're gonna sit in on the train, and you're trying not to split up the parties. The people just do not listen and they always try to choose their own rows and of course everyone wants to sit in the front lol. But one of my co-workers gave me a few tips. She told me to spiel to the guests before I show them to their rows and say, "Ok everyone's gonna follow me all the way down, please do not stop, please DO NOT choose your own rows!" That helped a little bit lol. On Saturday I only had to work 8 hours and 30 minutes, but that day was, "special" lol. Saturday was the annual "Gay Day" and it seemed like they ALL came out to celebrate lol. They all wore red shirts to identify themselves. There were red shirts everywhere! It was SO funny because normally Country Bear Jamboree has little to no wait, but on Saturday the lines for the show were out the door and all the people standing in line had on red shirts lol! I just wonder what the families who had no idea it was Gay Day were thinking that day! lol. Sometimes we would get parties of 15 red shirts and they all wanted to sit three to a row. They said they were very "close" lol. So yeah. It was a very interesting day lol. Yesterday was a doozy. I had to work 12 hours. I guess my body just has to get used to the routine. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but I was still exhausted when I got home. Yesterday was the first time I got the guests very mad at me lol. I was at merge assist, where you take the guests' fastpass tickets, and my neighbor Tom who also works with me was at merge point, where you merge the fastpass guests in with the standby line. The ride went down for technical difficulties and everyone was asked to leave the queue. Well, normally, the people are supposed to keep going down toward the trains to exit so that they can get fastpasses to get back in line later. Well, Tom stated sending the people back the way they came in, so I started giving them their fastpasses back, but Tom told me not to, so I stopped. People got very angry lol. I did my best to apologize and sympathize, and some people were nice about it, but some were still very very upset. I had one older man demand to see a manager, so I took him to see the manager. Tom and I are both new, so we didn't really know we were doing things wrong, but I should have just stuck with my original instinct and kept passing out the fastpasses. Later on, the manager talked to me and told me the right way to do things, which was to send the people down to the trains so they could get their fastpasses. He told me I wasn't in trouble or anything, but he told me to always air on the side of the guests'. I was kinda embarrased, but the manager was nice about it and now I know for the future. So yeah. You live and you learn lol. Well, I work again today, but its only for 6 hours so its not so bad. Then I'm off tomorrow and Wednesday. YAY! lol. But tomorrow I do start my Marketing You class. Its from 8am to noon. Oh boy. It should be cool though. Well, thanks for reading!

Love, Michelle

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  1. Ahhh, Shelly Welly. I am sooo sorry you had trouble with the guest. Sounds like everything worked itself out tough. I love the picture of you and mexico. Hae a great evening!! Luv and miss ya:))