Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting the Hang Of Things!

Its been a few days since my last post. A few LONG days lol. I can barely remember what all has happened since Thursday. I'll do my best lol. Thursday was another 12 hour shift. It wasn't too too bad though. When I was in Tower, which is the position where you have to watch all these screens and keep an eye on the guests on the ride and there's all these buttons and if the ride goes down you're pretty much in control lol, but anyway...when I was in Tower, of course the ride HAD to go down, and it was my first time being in Tower when the ride went down so I was like "Uh Oh..." but before I had time to panic, all these people started rushing the tower and doing everything for me lol. I helped out a bit though lol I got to spiel to the guests to let them know that the ride was experiencing technical difficulties and that they would have to exit the queue at this time. I was so professional! lol. Anyway, the next day, I was in Tower again...and the ride broke down again. I was like, are you serious? What's wrong with me? lol. But anyway, just like the day before, as soon as the ride went down, people started rushing the tower, taking over for me. This time, one the coordinators who was also one of my trainers, told everyone to back up and that I was in Tower and to let me handle things. So I got to do a little bit more. At first, I was ok with all the people trying to take over for me because I wasn't 100% sure what I was supposed to do lol, but NOW I know exactly what to do!!! First you call maintenance (8855), then you call the Greeter and tell them to pull the rope because we're 101 (ride is down), then you spiel to the guests in the queue, then you turn the ride animation off and the work lights on, then you start filling out the 101 paperwork. Yay! lol. So after we got the ride back up and running, I started thinking, well wait a minute...I know what to do when the ride goes down while I'm IN Tower, but what am I going to do when the ride goes down when I'm NOT in Tower? Lol, very soon after that thought passed through my head, the ride goes down. And I was NOT in Tower! lol. I had never done an Evac (evacuation) on my own before, but I guess there's a first time for everything! Thankfully, I got to evacuate the one part of the track that I knew how to get to, so it went very smooth. I got everyone off the train and led them back through the mountain and out to the exit. After all the trains were evacuated, we had to reset the track. I had never done that on my own either, but again, thankfully I got to reset the one part of the track that I knew how to get to. Sooooo, it went very well! I even got a "Good job Michelle!" from the coordinator! I was so proud of myself lol. So today I was in Tower again, and I just knew it was going to break down again lol. I was ready for it though, even looking forward to it because I knew exactly what to do. Of course, it didn't break down. It can't break down when I actually know what I'm doing! lol. But yeah. That's ok. Its sure to break down on me again when I'm in Tower, and when it does, I'll be ready! lol. Today I was supposed to get off at 9:00pm, but like 2 hours before 9:00, one of the coordinators came up to me and asked me if I wanted to extend until 10:00. I was like, um sure! And he was like, "Really??" lol. I mean, its only one more hour, so I didn't have a problem, but he seemed really impressed and he was really grateful. So yeah. One more hour of overtime oh yeah! lol. When I clocked out, he came up to me and thanked me again. So yeah...I'm in good with the coordinators so far lol! Tomorrow I get to sleep in YAY! I don't go in until 6:45pm. I'm super excited! And SUPER sleepy! Goodnighty!

Love, Michelle

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  1. Meesha, you are a truly inspiring young lady! I love you and miss you soooo much and I am so pround of you

    Your blog is very funny and keep impressing the trainers because you might get a promotion lol!

    Love, Sweets
    stay in Prayer!