Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Around the World and into the Future

Royal Swords in Great Britian
Naruto poster in Japan!

Lol me in Mexico

Mission: SPACE


Today was my day off. I went to EPCOT with Nikki. It was so much fun! First we rode Spaceship Earth. It was pretty fascinating lol. Next, we went into Innoventions and did the little video game maker thingy. TOO funny! We made a game just like the one I made with Renise. After that, we went to ride Mission: SPACE. It was too much fun lol. That launch is way crazy. We were gonna ride Test Track next, but there was a 60 minute wait, so we got fastpasses instead. Oh yeah I forgot, when we were in Innoventions, we saw a stand where you could sign up for the Kim Possible scavenger hunt in World Showcase. It looked like fun so we decided to give it a try. We got a ticket instructing us to report to Italy in World Showcase to receieve our assignment. On the way over to Italy, we stopped by the Imagination pavillion to ride Journey into Imagination. I was surprised to see that the ride had only a 5 minute wait time, but after riding, I understood why. It wouldn't be missed if you decided to skip it, and next time I will lol. We continued our path to Italy, and when we got to World Showcase, we were suddenly hit with a wave of hunger, so we decided to make a pit stop in Mexico to find some FOOD lol. Mexico is a really cool pavillion. Right outside the pavillion, they had a mariachi band playing some really cool mexican music. Inside the pavillion, there are gift shops and a restaurant, as well as a cute little boat ride called Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Callaberos. I had never been on it before, so Nikki and I decided to give it a try. So....pretty much its a mexican version of Its A Small World. Yeah. lol. It was cute though, only slightly more tolerable than Small World. We were gonna eat at the mexcian restaurant on the inside, but the prices were far out of my price range lol, but we found a smaller mexican restaurant on the outside of the pavillion that was a bit more reasonable. I had a burrito filled with beef, rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. It was GREAT. I seriously had a great time eating it lol. As we were finishing our meal, it started to rain. Hard. So we booked it to the next pavillion to wait out the rain, which just happened to be the Norway pavillion. YAY! Malestrom! Lol, that ride is so random, but I love it! Its pretty much my favorite part of World Showcase. After we left Malestrom, we continued around the world and shortly arrived at our goal destination, Italy. We walked up to the Kim Possible booth and picked up our handy dandy Kimmunicators. Its actually a cell phone that plays videos that explain your mission and gives you clues on how to complete it. Our mission was to go to Japan and stop this evil baby robot thingy lol. It was pretty cool though. We had to go to different points around Japan and when we got there, something special would happen and lead us to the next spot. While we were in the Japan pavillion, we visited this SUPER cool gift shop called Mitsukoshi. They have all kinds of awesome Japanese souveniers including a plethora of anime collectables. There was a Naruto section, a Dragonball Z section, and a Pokemon section among others. It was SOOO cool and its a really big store. I could probably spend hours in there. Anyway, we were finished with our mission helping Kim Possible save the world, so we finished our tour of the world and headed back to Future World to ride Test Track. It was too fun. I'd forgotten how fast that ride goes! After Test Track, we went into Innoventions West and went into this 3D show that simulates a tornado destroying a house and educates you on how you can better storm-proof your house. It was really cool. After that, went to the area where you can try out a Segway! That was amazing lol. It took me a minute to find my center of balance, but when I did I was surprised at how easy it is to ride it. Its really cool. When we were done there, we went to the Land pavillion to ride Soarin', but the wait time was 70 minutes and they were all out of fastpasses, so we opted out of that one unfortunately. We went to the Seas with Nemo and Friends instead. We rode the little Nemo ride that takes you inside The Seas, and then we went to see Turtle Talk with Crush. That show is SO cute! I was cracking up just like to little kids lol. I like that show! After Crush, we decided that we were ready to head home. It was a fun day. I really enjoyed it. On the bus back to the apartments, we had a pretty good view of Wishes, the fireworks show over in Magic Kingdom. They were beautiful. I had a really nice day. Tomorrow is back to work though. My shift is from 10:30am to 9:15pm. So I have a long day ahead. Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

Love, Michelle

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  1. Ahhhh, that sounds like a fun day! Good for you and Nikki. I enjoyed reading your post...they keep getting better and better:)) Well, I had a pretty fun day too.....went to a subdivision where a lady had advertised to the people that I would be coming at 5pm every Wednesday....welll those people were waiting for me....they had their money in hand and kidsssssssssss galore...good nite. Love you, Shelly Welly