Saturday, May 23, 2009

Having An Amazing Time!

Its only been a couple days since my first post, but there is so much to tell! Friday was Traditions. It was my first official day of "work", but I didn't do any actual work. Traditions is more of an orientation for new Cast Members where you learn the history, policies, and, well, traditions of the Disney company. It was four hours long, and we took four, 15 minute breaks over the course of the class. We watched videos that showed all the various components and branches of the Disney company and explained their background and history. We also watched a video that laid out and presented in a somewhat humurous and slightly cheesy manner Disney's expectations of its Cast Memebers. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that we also got out Disney World nametags!!! It was an incredible feeling knowing that I am now an official Disney World Cast Member!!! :)))

Today was even better. It was my first day of training, but, again, instead of having to do any acutal work, today was an orientation to my new work location: The Magic Kingdom Park! Although I am now an official Cast Member, today I, as well as my fellow Magic Kingdom trainees, was treated as a guest. We were given an exclusive "V.I.P." tour of the park, including various attractions as well as the backstage areas. I finally got to experience that mystical part of the Magic Kingdom; the famed Underground Tunnels. It was incredible. I'm sure I was walking around all day with my jaw dropped open without even noticing lol. As a part of our training, we were given the privilege to ride some of the rides - without having to wait in line! As a group we rode The Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin. We were then split up into groups corresponding to our respective lands and we found out which attractions we would be working in. I got Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! At frist, I was pretty heartbroken becuase Splash Mountain is my favorite ride and I really had my heart set on working there. But I think working at Big Thunder will be a lot of fun too. I even already know some people who work there, and they seem to really enjoy their jobs. Since I will be working in Fronteirland, I and four other CP's were assigned to continue our training with Fronteirland's area trainer, Luis. He is such a funny guy! Once we got to Fronteirland, he showed us around at some of the key places that we would be accessing on a daily basis, and then we got to have some more fun! We went to the front of the lines to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (FUN!), Splash Mountain (OMG YAY! lol), Country Bear Jamboree, and the raft thingy that takes you to Tom Sawyer Island. We had some extra time so we even got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean! After all the fun (Best training EVER), we went to pick up our costumes. My costume consists of brown shorts, a sort of light burgandy buton down shirt, hiking boots and a cowgirl hat. Lol its so dorky but I love it ha! Wow I just can't believe I'm actually gonna be working in Disney World! Omigosh and by the way, today's training was paid so you know what that means??? I actually got PAID to go to Disney World and ride the rides! How crazy awesome is that?!?! I know!!! lol.

So tomorrow is my first day of training where I'll be doing actual work lol. And I have to be there at 7:30am, which means I have to catch the 6:05am bus, which means I have to wake up at 5:00am! I'm going to bed! lol 'nite!

Love, Michelle

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  1. lol, two comments..first, u can make an extra smily face like this: :D lol and second, I think your disney drunk again! lol
    your gonna come back all cheesy and happy as ever, lol jk

    OMG, I miss you soo much! Please keep in touch using blogspot and facebook and phone and email! lol
    BTW, LOVE your costume!!! It fits you sooo weellll! I love you!!!

    love, Tymber
    ps a.k.a., Sweets ;}